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About Millennium Crane Systems™

The philosophy of the Millennium Crane Belt System designers, including Technical Oscar Achievement Award Winner Keith Edwards and Peter Adamiec, is:

“Tomorrow’s technology brought to you — today”

The Millennium engineers from England and Poland did not want to design ‘just’ a new product, they wanted to create a state–of–the–art telescopic crane that incorporated a totally new concept giving 100% safety and more technology than they have had in the past. Working with the world's best Cameramen and Operators, the Millennium Crane Belt System was born.

Millennium Cranes MB52 at the Childrens Eurovision song contest MB 50

MB 50

Millennium Cranes HOVERTRAX Millennium Cranes HOVERTRAX

Millennium Cranes MB60 Millennium Cranes MB60

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News –

“The weight of the crane was the initial appeal when I first heard about the Moviebird 44 from my Key Grip, David Appleby. We were standing on a volcanic mountain in the Canary Islands on the first day of tech scouting. The big topic was the logistical nightmare surrounding how to get the crane around the treacherous location. With the Moviebird 44 being approximately one ton lighter than the traditional 50’ technocrane, we were able to mount it on a self-levelling post atop a specially designed truck – a Taurus 4 x 4 (nicknamed “Dudley”). The flexibility and mobility of the Moviebird 44 allowed us to schedule many more Moviebird 44 shots into our shooting schedule instead of working our schedule around the logistics of moving the crane itself.

The Director, Louis Letterier and I were so happy with the Moviebird 44 and its ability to go from underslung to overslung very quickly, that we went on to use the crane every day of our 80 day shooting schedule and it became part of our standard package. The reduced weight meant we could count on being able to take it anywhere, and we did. Including volcanic mountains in Tenerife, slate quarries in the mountains of Wales, beaches of Northeast Wales, on barges at sea as well as on stages in London.

Even with its light weight, the crane could accommodate our full complement of Panavision cameras and anamorphic lenses.

I am delighted with the results and the flexibilty the Moviebird 44 offers and will definitely be including it in my future equipment packages.”

Peter Menzies, Jr. ACS